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My Journey My Lesson


I Was here when i was 4/5/6 years old....if i know PASTI was the best....hehe nothing...this is the nearest school...

"Sarah, what is your ambition when you grow up?" I answered,
 "I don't want to be anything teacher..." It's very....oh, i don't know what word should i put ..... what kind of me.....that time, yaa.. first school. SK Pengkalan Nyireh. The nearest school. Wow..learnt Mandarin Language, Malay d***ing... ( '',) and many more.......don't remember.


After that, i went to SMK Tengku Mahmud. We call it, TMS (Tengku Mahmud School) as the school was the early school built in Besut. Engish School. My mak n ayah were schooling here, my two sisters followed my path..hee..

Started wearing tudung labuh hard to find girls wore that stuff. And here i started my interest activity, Tae Kwon Do..

Oh...i'm really MISS this! I was waiting for 5 years to participate in this club...actually, whatever...silat, wu shu.... i wanted to....i went training started from form 1 to form 5....well, although SPM was just around the corner.. And then, after SPM, i continued until i got to go to Matriculation College.. oh, i did not have time to get my black belt! My grad now and forever is RED II. One more step to explore BLACK BELT... ;-( 

Coz, after we get that black grad, so many levels more will wait for us to be explored. And of course the arts..the beatiful!

But, i must realize that, i can't go training NOW. (~anymore~ except at home..with husband although he learnt silat).  Tae Kwon Do will remain in my heart. InsyaAllah, i will keep the arts well in me. I love martial arts. The taeguk 1 until 8 though. Thanks a lot to Sir Solehin (Muallaf) and Sir Kasturi. May Allah give you two barokah alwayz.

Then, my step was here....


Only 1 semester i was here. Why? I was kicked out!! huhu...  Yes,   it really hurts.. but i know it was my fault...not focus on what  was in front of me. STUDY. Oh, that was not about loving a guy or doing something wrong until  disturbing my some people guess.....huhu. 

 I don't want to tell about what was my mistake in studies or anything related....let me keep it and anyyone  who had faced the failure, will understand me. I found that, i fail here, on this step but i got something here. Something that i would like to call it as the beginner of being a Muslim. Sorry..a True Muslim.

I started learning to be a True Muslim here. and  not enough a year,  i was given a 'training' by Allah to face tribulations. Wow, i just learnt and i was given a test!! Yes, i know that was from my fault...but the test was still hurt. Very. Got it?

Nobody  persuaded me that time...emmm, i don't want to. coz i  was ready to face it. i meant, based on what i answered on the exam paper.huhu.  

That day, was the last class, Biology. Last lesson in DK. Hayat 1 Praktikum 5.....Memory... On my mind was nothing but my studies, my future....., but it was too late!!!  (Who had faced this...?? hee..) . My  lips did not stop  saying "Laa ilaa ha illallah". So my mind. So  tested.... I want to stop the story.hehe so sad. yes...although  i know that was my fault. But i know, Allah want to show me something...........

Then, i continued my studies --> FORM SIX at 
SMK TM. huhu...Welcome Back!! 
Can you imagine the situation where 
you will be asked by your teachers 
and your  friends about your.......??

I can say that, if i did not study in Form 6...., i will not go to this place............

until i 'friend' with somebody special to me........ started from 
Program Wawasan. Only Science students joined this. Including my school. From Terengganu, Pahang, Kelantan and Johor Tenggara (if i'm not mistaken...) ''ECER state"  was chosen. On December 2008.

UMK once again offered a program "Pre-Science Program". Only 50 students will be selected. Including me and 2 friends. but one can't go. Just me and a boy (actually the boy has studied at the same matriculation college with me but not in the same year..what kind of life is....) the students become only 20+- because they have another plan during after-STPM-break. 
Jan '09 until Apr '09.

Here, i learnt Japanese, Management, English (maybe level dip-degree mixing) becoz we use the same book with our senior who were taking degree there. What a great lesson i learnt!

gambar ni ambil dari blog kakak LYNN..huhu ambik jugak gambar saya kak...huhu

i joined Jawatankuasa TEMAN, at Islamic Club there. 

Only me (just pre-sc student).... follow them (mahasiswa) to UIAM Gombak in a program 
"Lawatan Mahabbah ke UIAM Gombak" , Mac 2009
huhu...i was so lucky!!!

Kak Fifah, Kak Lyn (org Tawau), Jihada and the rest...i don't remember their name...i'm so sorry... 

 bersama siswi JT-unipen UMK dan siswi Ma'aruf Club UIAM. Kakak-kakak yang baik-baik....
tak kekok melayan 'orang asing' ni...hehe... Jasamu dikenang kakak-kakakku..

Then, after 4 months, i was at home. Look for the job while waiting for KIPSAS calling..hehe. Work as 'teacher' at several kindergartens ... (Practice makes perfect....ehmm..)

Oh... waiting for KUIN actually...but KIPSAS came first. The course was very attractive.. At the end of year 2009, i registered there. After istikharah. ANd insyaAllah will continue....huhu


How can KIPSASian get married with UMian??? hee


Sometimes, feel like a student VS a lecturer hehe..  For Islam, i will grab the chance! Well, that is the way Allah meets us, completing each other.
To produce the best. InsyaAllah.

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